Looper Services

The 'Kinotech' 16mm loop system is a bespoke engineered looper for continuous projection of 16mm film in a gallery environment. It has been designed with both functionality and aesthetic appearance in mind. The colour scheme of a black anodized platter with a brown Bakelite non-static center, match the standard NT1 and SL range of EIKI /ELF projectors. This non-static centre and hand made brass rollers ensure a minimum of wear on the film during continuous projection. It has a unique quick mounting system that attaches to the range of ELF/EIKI projectors.

This system has been used extensively in galleries and museums internationally, beginning in London over 12 years ago, when there was no local supplier. In collaboration with his engineer Thomas Taylor, years of testing and modification resulted in the present day standard looper (capacity up to 12 minutes) followed by the 'Kinotech' Long Play unit, a roller system designed for longer films of 20 minutes plus. The Kino Club solution to continuous film projection has since been most imitated, but never improved upon. Other platter systems do not have the aesthetic appeal of the Kinotech looper, and are not as kind to the film during extended exhibition runs, frequently up to 3 months, with no technical problems.

The Kino Club works with artists to devise film installation solutions specifically designed and suited for each project These have included adaptations to normal projection such as:
• An inverted mirror system for portrait projection
• Synched dual screen projection
• Super 16mm film projection
• Sequenced film projection for multiple projector installs
• Digital separate sound followers.

Once shows are installed and onsite training has been provided for invigilators, telephone support is available at all times for the duration of the show for troubleshooting. Advice on projection and booth facilities are provided with any confirmed hire, at no extra cost.

Additional items that add to the appeal of the system are 'automation extras' in the form of activation devices that reduce the running time of the film which in turn save on print costs. These range from simple motion activators which turn the system on when spectators enter the space, and turn it off once they leave, to a push button activated system designed for longer films that stops and starts at the beginning/end of the film, complete with an optional interval light between showings.

Hire costs are available on application, as each project is assessed individually with discounts for extended hire and multiple packages. There may be other providers who are cheaper, but none deliver the service or have the experience of the Kino Club. For all enquiries contact David Leister.

David Leister projecting Anthony McCall

David Leister projecting Anthony McCall, The Complete Cone Films
Installation view: The Tanks, Tate Modern. Photo: Gabrielle Fonseca Johnson, 2012.

  • David Leister's kinotech looper system
  • David Leister's kinotech looper system
  • David Leister's kinotech looper system

The 'Kinotech' 16mm loop system